TLE Michael Teachings COMMUNITY

a safe, collaborative community for M Students to be themselves, connect, & learn from each other


This community is built around the teachings that have been collected through various "channels" who speak on behalf of what we understand is a non-physical teacher who has come to be known as "Michael," and that body of work has come to be known as "The Michael Teachings." This community focuses specifically on the work between Troy and Michael.

Troy has been channeling Michael since 1988.
This body of information is not a religion or belief system. This teaching requires nothing of any student. This teaching has no authority. Over time, the consistency and validation of material stands on its own. This teaching encourages you to test, question, and validate the information against your personal truths and global objective truths. 
You are encouraged to explore with an open mind.


We are a community focused on learning and applying the Michael Teachings in real-world ways. We are learning and living and studying and socializing together with as much authenticity and kindness as possible. We actively practice compassion, essence recognition, and accepting each other and ourselves with love. We are a community that seeks the like-minded, but we also strive to understand and more effectively and lovingly navigate a challenging world of differences among us.


For those who choose to join, thank you for taking the time and energy to explore our community. We really appreciate your participation and look forward to what you might bring to the community.


Feel free to open a Support Ticket and ask our team for a response. Please be patient as we are a small team and responses tend to take a few days.


If you are only interested in scheduling time with Michael and Troy, please make an appointment here!


Looking for our new and improved library and knowledge base for The Michael Teachings? Check it out! It is a collaborative work in progress, so please be patient as we transfer over 10,000 documents into this new library.