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At 8:38pm on June 13, 2014, Laura McCaslin said…

Hey, hey Troy!  Thanks for getting back.  Forgot about that, but I know you (and I) like the 'Twins. Can't hear them ever now without a nod to you.  What a warm response - you've made my day!

Best to you,


At 10:41am on April 20, 2014, Laura McCaslin said…

Hi Troy,

Just listening to "Persephone" with my coffee this morning; that burlesque throb utterly speaks to me...followed up with dreamy "Ivo"...all from way back in the day  Thought of you.  Happy Easter Sunday morning!!

At 5:11pm on January 26, 2014, Dawn said…
Thanks for a great experience yesterday! We had a great time! It was so nice meeting you and some of the gang :)
At 2:15pm on January 20, 2014, Claire C said…

Big Birthday hug, Troy!  Love you.  :D

At 6:56am on October 16, 2013, Ma-Li said…

"metaphysical man-boy"  could certainly be the words I was looking for.  Like that. Cute. 

At 6:43pm on August 1, 2013, Vivi said…

These used to be rational thoughts in my head, but they've now converted into feelings:

1. Vegans do not eat food.  They simply eat food.

2. Many of the great foods Earth provides for us are vegan.  Most foods are vegan.  Wait... all foods are vegan?  Animals aren't really food.  Eating animals is really strange.

At 6:48pm on June 12, 2013, Mike Clev said…

Troy, that Essence report is SO good. So very accurate, its uncanny. But I'm getting used to that. Thank you so much!

The only inaccuracy I can spot was that it says I am Warrior on the first line, then Scholar (correct) in the next paragraph. No biggie really!

At 5:25pm on May 20, 2013, Maureen said…

Troy – this is a Cryptic Message for you – from your Essence.  

"The little train that could – did because it could"  

What your Essence knows about "you":  

If you'll notice – there is even a place on your train for a clown. Make friends with "your" clown.  ;)


At 5:20am on May 17, 2013, Nadine said…

After some people complaining about their difficulty of finding affordable living space in my town, somebody posted this blog and made us all happy we live in Cologne and not NY:  I completely understand your long search for a new apartment now...

At 3:07pm on March 25, 2013, Giedre said…

Thanks Troy!!!

At 1:14am on October 22, 2012, Diane HB said…

Do you not realize that we salivate for every piece of channeling? Like dogs for treats. Or junkies for a fix ;). Your work ALWAYS helps, even when we don't say it. But I think we could say louder and more often. We do focus too much on your shortcomings and not enough on all that you give.

At 3:04am on October 21, 2012, Diane HB said…

I was thinking tonight about how different my life would be without Michael and without a channel (you) who insists on bringing them through as clearly as possible. I love who I am now, and I couldn't have done it without you. I don't think I've ever said a really heartfelt thanks -- so, thank you Troy.

Love, Diane

At 8:21pm on July 17, 2012, Violet said…

godammit Troy, for the past few days I can't stop thinking about how much I LOVE YOU, I mean inasmuch as I only know you via the internet.  still, know you've been in my heart.


At 9:44am on July 1, 2012, T. said…

T stands for Theresa (Therese).    Thank you Troy, for all you do.   My best to you.  

At 3:38pm on May 6, 2012, Tim said…

Thank you, Troy! I enjoyed getting to spend time with you at 7 oaks. :) I look forward to our next encounter. 

At 11:27pm on April 22, 2012, Astra Allen said…
I can't wait to read your book. I bet going to be great! Please stay in touch with us. Would miss your amazing spirit if you just ran off forever. Your email actually brought a tear to my eyes.
At 11:36pm on March 15, 2012, yarna taa said…

Many thanks for your great birthday wishes, Troy darling! Sorry I've been away for a such a long time... but hey -I'm back now, and ready to roll :))

Speaking of rolling: many thanks for the amazing chat session we had today... Michael was so right-on it's uncanny!!!


At 8:11am on February 27, 2012, Astra Allen said…
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with us. I have been praying relentlessly for a teacher to come..michaels words through you have already begun to change my life for the better, so thank you.
At 12:39pm on January 20, 2012, Maureen said…

Happy Birthday Troy!! I hope you have something special - or unique ;)!! - planned with BFBobby and/or friends - it's your day to celebrate YOU!  I wish you all the best throughout the coming year - and...keep up the "Good Work" -- it really looks good on you!!  :) - and... remember there are many versions of:  "I LOVE YOU!!!"  Much love to you my friend, XOX, Maureen

At 10:25pm on January 8, 2012, Maxim said…

Troy.... enjoying your ever changing parade of head shots.







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