This is a topic I have pondered for a while. "The art of being and Artisan," is an idea of personal exploration. That includes understanding and validating the five inputs that the Artisan is so famous for. In my reading of the vast Library of transcripts I can across this little tid-bit  from Michael.

[M_Entity] The Artisan has a “knowing” that there is so much more than what is seen and yet is it is not touchable until she creates it. This “knowing” vs “creating” can either fuse the Personality and Essence into a powerful force of creativity, or the Personality begins to splinter and reject the Essence.

I think I have experienced both of these things. We are speaking only of the positive here so I won't be telling you any story's of sad broken artisans. Going on now... I can validate the "knowing" vs "creating" scenario. It is an extremely profound moment when one brings forth the unknown into physical reality. It is like speaking. You have a thought, then you must assign words to that though in order to communicate it. When you are successful at projecting your thoughts and they are understood by another, it is a momentous occasion indeed. But frustration can come from not using grammar right or your words could be taken the wrong way. When one has a competence of the medium being used to communicate thoughts there is a better chance you will be understood. When creating art, I am using and developing a "voice." I choose to compose music and, mostly, play the bass guitar. Composing is very much a meditative experience for me, but playing the bass gets the moving center going like non-other. I always joke that I cannot dance unless you put a bass in my hands. Which is true. In a nut-shell, I love the bass. I love the sound it makes, the size it is, its role in an ensemble. It is a perfect extension of my personality. I always get the "chills" when I play in a full band setting. Improvisation is a huge part of my creative process, not to mention it is the most fun I have as a musician. Sitting down with two other musicians and "letting it rip" is my specialty. There often comes a moment when the "planets align" and the music is perfect. Everyone is responding dynamically to everyone else. The drummer and I are locked in a romantic stranglehold that manifests as a heavy rock groove. The guitar is soaring somewhere above, rising to the occasion. He is pelting your ears with melodies reminiscent of a Chet Atkins/Van-Halen love child, somehow fusing the wholesome goodness of country and the dangerous speed of a rock-star on a cocaine binge. The sounds come effortlessly as we tap into an otherworldly supply of creativity. This is what I call the "Groove Machine." The combining of "knowing" and "creating" into a single action.

For me, the "groove machine" is a state of mind in which the five inputs work seamlessly. I feel I am having a conversation when I am playing music with others. I must be aware of the intentions of myself and the others participating in the music. Compassion actually plays a huge role when participating in an ensemble. So, not only am I keeping up with what others are doing, I am anticipating their moves and simultaneously executing MY move, as well as planing my next. Also one must consider a certain amount of flexibility. Because obviously anticipating a persons actions is not the same as seeing the future. But this is when the "groove machine" starts to come alive. At the point when the band begins to "click," the anticipation becomes a shared awareness of the direction of the music. The individual voices become unified into a single voice. Each musical identity supports and grows from the others; the instruments, with their own unique timbres, blend on a larger scale to produce a new timbre that is totally unique unto itself. Yet the new sound still contains the identities of its parts. The direction of the music begins to flow and the creature develops a mind of its own. At this point it is not up to me to create the music, the music creates itself. I no longer have to think, the five inputs become seamless and essence is invited to join.

There is a song that comes to mind, actually titled "Groove Machine" it is where the name for this state of mind comes from. It is fitting, as a bassist, my "job" is to groove and the song, in simple words, describes this state. The lyrics go like this:

Lay down your burdens by the riverside
Take a deep breath and go for a ride

Welcome to the groove machine
Welcome to the groove

Music, oh music, such a funky thing
The closer you get, the deeper it means

Welcome to the groove machine
Welcome to the groove

I put this out there only to share my experience through my own personal journey. Music for me is a metaphor for "something" larger, understanding and participating in music helps me to understand the universe around me.

I invite anyone to share there own "creative process" especially any fellow Artisans who share my number of inputs.

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Comment by Hunter Gilmore on December 30, 2013 at 12:25am

No I'm not playing on the recording. "The Groove Machine" is a song from the Kings X album called "Tape Head." It only seemed fitting to share this song because my thoughts in this blog were inspired by it.

Comment by Maxim on December 29, 2013 at 11:13pm

Hunter, it isn't clear to me.  Are you playing on The Groove Machine?  Like you description of the artisan world you inhabit.  At the moment my process as artisan is a blank ;)

Comment by Hunter Gilmore on December 23, 2013 at 1:13pm

From Michael:  "We define Sex as "moving in unison with something other than self.""

Maureen, I think the Michael definition makes the sexual imagery much more beautiful and profound. Thanks for the comment. Your statements always give me something to ponder.

Comment by Maureen on December 22, 2013 at 1:28pm

From Michael:  "We define Sex as "moving in unison with something other than self.""

Comment by Hunter Gilmore on December 22, 2013 at 12:37pm

@ Royce, I really like this bit you said.

"the Past in tantric sex with the Unknown future."

Admittedly, sexual energy is a big part of my creative process. This seems like a good way to describe the nature of creativity.

Comment by Royce Edwardsen on December 21, 2013 at 11:51pm
To bounce off that wonderful blogpost janet posted and yours as well Hunter. I'd love to add a few observations regarding the Force we call Artisan.

I notice it also Corresponds to Netzach of the 7 kabbalah sepheroth forces of Light.

In the Kabbalah, Netzach is symbolized many times as the Venus rising from the waters with a beard on her face. Geburah (which a lot of times is refered to as the god Kali of Hindu background is situated opposing Netzach ( not as its cardinal force, but as a complimentary force ) and would also relate to the Warrior energy. In the tree of life of the Kabbalah, That warrior Kali energy symbolizes the most MASCULINE aspects of the universal feminine force while Netzach, symbolizes the most FEMININE aspects of the universal male force.

The ancient Greeks symbolized this same force of Netzach as the Goddess Aphrodite. The goddess of SEXUALITY. and if we LOOK at the Artisan it's essence...IS this goddess of fact if we look at ALL creative aspects of the universe, IT IS SEXUALITY. it is RESONANCE in is the Past in tantric sex with the Unknown future.

the Known ( the medium, the initial resonance, MEMORY, PAST ) + the Unknown ( $%$#@%^$ ????? BEAUTY!!! NEWNESS! FRESHNESS! ESSENCE!) = LIFE! creation!

Now i find the similarities between all these teachings to be So beautiful and I know they do not match up on every note...but they do dance the same dance in different dresses many a time and it's always so fun to watch.
Comment by Hunter Gilmore on December 21, 2013 at 7:48pm

@ Janet, I finally got a chance to read your blog post. I can relate to the entire thing! Good validation of Michael on my part, I'm am definatly what they call an "Artisan." I actually like the idea of this Tango you speak... seems liberating to say the least. I think movement is a huge part of expressing yourself musically. So is breathing, whether you play a wind instrument or not. Thanks for the input!

Comment by Bobby on December 21, 2013 at 11:05am

Music for me is a metaphor for "something" larger, understanding and participating in music helps me to understand the universe around me.

Hunter, I'm not Artisan but I certainly "get" the statement above.  Just looking at the posts in the Music That Moves Me category can attest to this :-)  Frequently, music will close any gap there is between me and that connection to the greater part of me that I'm seeking.

Comment by Janet Elam on December 21, 2013 at 10:34am

I can relate to what you describe here, although my creativity flows in different directions. I hope you have found the blog post I added earlier this year: Artisanness

While reading your post I was reminded of an experience I had not too long ago that you might appreciate. I was participating in an Argentine Tango class, which has long been a dance I love because the 'rules' are simple and few and -- to me -- the focus is on interpreting and expressing the music you are hearing through your movements. I was briefly partnered with a young man who was just learning the dance, and I told him how I felt about the ability to express ourselves with the dance. It was like a light bulb went on in him. He told me he was a musician and most enjoyed what I think you have described here, Hunter, as 'the groove machine'. He asked if I thought he could express himself in the dance in the same way, and I think that's exactly what I feel can happen with this particular dancing style. My most enjoyable experiences with the dance have been with partners who completely overlooked whatever the local Tango community might have interpreted as ideal form or technique and just moved to what they were hearing. 

If you have the opportunity to try this dance, you might take it. It might jive perfectly with your other musical leanings.







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