[Hani] I have a feeling that when my mom is not feeling well, whether it be emotionally or physically, somehow she transfers that to me. And I end up with something that’s not mine and I need to deal with it. And sometimes this is very literal, like she had stomach ache the other day and then I started having the stomach ache and she felt better and then I had to heal myself.  So could you first validate if this is actually happening and I am not imagining things :) and if yes, why? and how could I avoid it or stop it?

[MEntity] In response to the second question: these are what we would refer to as Sympathy Pains. This is not imposed upon you, but when one has a long-term relationship with someone, this can develop. It is a by-product of Cording; the energetic bonds that run between fragments.

[MEntity] Sympathy Pains is the process of siphoning pain or ailments from another. To alter this, it would have to be shifted into a state of empathy. Sympathy presumes you must do the work, or that you are somehow in a better position to do the processing, but Empathy is a recognition of the other as an equal who can process her own pain.

[MEntity] Keep in mind that your experience is not a literal duplication or transfer of the actual pain or ailment, but of the energy that is packaged in that person's process, and this is then translated into something as similar as your body can experience.
[MEntity] When you feel this is happening again, you can start by simply acknowledging that "This is not mine."
[MEntity] This may not stop the process in your first few attempts, but it can begin the shift away from Sympathy and toward Empathy.

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Comment by Vivi on December 19, 2013 at 4:27pm

Lovely, thank you for sharing! I think it comes down to our belief systems. We give ourselves all sorts of tasks and jobs because we believe that they need to be done, especially done by us and no one else... :)  Sometimes we need to re-assess our self-assigned tasks to see if we want to keep them or change them up a bit.  Sometimes we WANT to believe that we are the only ones to take on certain responsability with those that we love, because it puts us in a place of belonging.  Sometimes we need to re-design our roles and find NEW ways to belong and contribute to the lives of our loved ones.  I am dealing with this right now in a different way.  Family is complicated! :)

Comment by ViP on December 19, 2013 at 3:57pm

Can vouch for this, I've experienced it before and wondered what it was. This is useful for dealing with it though, thanks!







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