ROYCE - "To create sustainable forms for ideals."
MARIUS - "To integrate identity."
SCOTT - "To inspire enthusiasm and trust."
Remember that the Tasks can be described in any number of ways, are inherently broad in scope so that the Personality can explore all of the ways in which this Task could be fulfilled.
For Royce, this life appears to be all about chasing the ideal, upholding the ideal, and not being defeated by the endurance necessary to fulfill an ideal, but the Task is more about when that ideal is fulfilled, and how that can be sustained. This could be in the form of memorable experiences, memorable characters, on-going relationships, etc. Idealism is the philosophy that there is always room for improvement, higher perspectives beyond presumptions, and this can be exhausting in and of itself for an Idealist, but when, say, an ideal friendship, ideal relatinship, ideal project, or ideal experience has been found or created, instead of pushing immediately beyond that, the Task is to allow the ideal to hold its form, to be embraced, experienced, shared, and appreciated.
For Marius, there have been a string of lifetimes where the life was more performed than it was lived, and so the Task this lifetime is to integrate all of the facets of the self that may have come to be generated among various facets of the life. If the Task is pursued, there may come a time when this fragment realizes that there are subtle or obvious divides among friends, family, work, the past, etc. and rather than simply leaving these to represent all of these facets of the self, the Task will be to integrate them in some way, to cross over the relationships and meaning among these facets so that a more cohesive network within can be experienced.
For you, Scott, there has come to be a wave of exploration of gratitude by your Essence. This lifetime has some strong resonance to a few past lives when Philanthropic Karma was generated in "your" favor, which is the experience of one's choices being expanded beyond what would have been possible on one's own. While this kind of Karma feels rather good, this is still Karmic because it can still interfere with choices of the individual, making for a wide range of new struggles and issues that the lifetime and Personality was not anticipating, throwing off or ending a number of probablities. For instance, if a fragment was intending to evolve an empathy for the struggles of those in poverty, and then wins the lottery to then be bogged down by the demands of such responsibilities, it may feel good, but it still interferred.
However, Philanthropic Karma is a lot of fun, too, and it is as necessary as any other experience. In your case, your Essence developed a strong sense of gratitude that found its way into this life as an underpinning of the Life Task.
If the Task is pursued, it would mean that you would probably draw upon a kind of buoyancy, a strength in being able to see the "bright side," and to lean toward problem solving and possibilities. This is an inherent trust in the life, in the self, and an enthusiasm to fuel it. The Task, then, is to see how this can be shared, to be used for helping, supporting, or guiding others in some way, all while doing the same for the self.
This is not a delusional perma-grin toward the struggles of life, but an authentic trust that one can and will move in directions of choice and creation, even if having to navigate around obstacles.
The term "inspire" is key here, in that this Task is about allowing yourself to be a reflection of that potential for trust and enthusiasm in others to be nurtured.
This may show up in obvious ways that are fed back to you in forms of gratitude and appreciation for you, but you may never know that you made a difference in someone's life, someone's perspective, just by your own methods for making choices, sharing perspective, modeling your own enthusiasm and courage. It is not the feedback that will matter as much as the centered sense of contentment that one is living with authentic enthusiasm and trust when it is authentic, but letting yourself be angry, upset, confused, distracted, etc. when those are relevant.
These Tasks may show up in various ways associated with one's pursuits in career, but the Task is never intended to only be relevant to one's form of income. It is intended to be a part of the pattern of the life, regardless of pursuits.
Though each of these Task can be explored in more detail, we think these descriptions may be suitable for initial exploration and validation.
We will conclude here for today, Scott. Good day to you.
Goodbye, for now.

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Comment by ViP on June 6, 2014 at 9:12pm

Thanks for sharing! How do you guys feel about these Life Task descriptions, do they feel right to you?

Comment by Mike Clev on June 6, 2014 at 7:17pm

Lovely stuff, I really like descriptions of Life Tasks. Thanks for posting!

Comment by Maureen on June 5, 2014 at 8:15pm

Royce, I can see how all three of you, and your life tasks, have come together for some inspiring, good times. Thanks for sharing them.  :)







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