Convergence NEXUS Dream ~ The Embrace of PARTS

From a Private Live Chat on June 6, 2014: 

[Maureen] Michael I’m going to give you a long detailed dream I had on December 2, 2013 in Four Parts and at the end I’ll give you a few questions. I would like any comments you may have.

[Maureen] Part One:

I was working at a company which seemed similar to Wood Gundy – a company I worked at in my 20’s. It was a stock brokerage house and one of the reasons I liked working there was because it was “upscale” and also it had all these different areas that reminded me of quite diverse neighborhoods or at least different “facets” of the company. I really liked that.

In the dream, I was a secretary and I had a little office (like a medium sized cubbyhole) and I was getting a new phone (I could have sworn in the dream I had already gotten one that I had liked it very much). My supervisor handed me it – it was really fancy looking. It had a large floral pattern and was gilded as well – it looked like a large cloisonné pattern. The woman noticed that I wasn’t 100% about it and I said “it’s not 100% -- but I can work with it. It isn’t what I would have chosen but it is beautiful and it will “fit in” with some other design (of something) I had on my desk”. She said “look around and see if there is a style you would prefer and we’ll get that for you”. I had seen one that was more masculine that I liked – it had a mahogany wood panel – that was really beautiful and was more to my liking (I thought) – but I thought then I knew that I could make the more feminine (it was “artistic” feminine – not “ugly” feminine) “work” for me as well. Actually they were both beautiful – just different.

An older nice looking well-dressed woman had arrived and she would be sharing my space with me. She seemed very feminine – gentle. I had been on my own for a while and wasn’t sure how I would like that. When I thought about it and I was “honest” with myself I realized that I actually liked her being there – sharing “my” space – not sharing my space had just “become” a habit. So yes I was OK with it.

[Maureen] Part Two:

Then I went into another room where Will, from The Good Wife (a TV show I like based in a Law Firm), was standing in the room with his shirt and tie, and socks and shoes, and boxer shorts on. His pants were off.  He had been making love to some woman. I think I knew they were making a movie – BUT they were making it in a real, live place of work. After the scene was finished Will kept standing there with his pants off and I thought – it’s one thing when you are shooting a scene – but it’s another when the scene is over and you don’t put your pants on.

I mentioned to the others (there was a whole camera crew, director, etc. and the cast that was acting) what I was thinking and they said – “look around – look behind you”. I did, and I could see that we were actually on a set and that is why they “didn’t” care about “what they looked like”.

I did know it was a set but I could see that my imagination was so “great” – I could actually see/imagine the whole environment we were working in. I could see all around me – 360° – where they could just see “the set” they were working on. In the dream, I felt this was a huge plus – that I could see/imagine in 3D – EVEN though I knew it was a set and we were creating fantasy. They would have me believe that “reality was what it was” – that fantasy and real life was an either/or proposition – BUT I KNEW –  even if you were in a creation or a fantasy – you could “fill in the blanks” and actually make it real – for yourself. It was like I could see in an extra dimension than they could. I thought what I could do was really “something”. At that point Will started making love to me on a desk – THAT was really fun.  LOL.

[Maureen] Part Three:

A) Then I went with the star of the show (Julianna Margulies who plays Alicia Florrick, who hadn’t been in the dream earlier) in a vehicle with a driver to a HUGE rich country Inn/House that I think I owned – somehow.  I had just been there in a dream at least once during the past week. As we drove up the huge driveway a vehicle was just leaving. It morphed into a white car, then a white limousine, then a white coach, and then finally pulled away.

As we got out of the car we were in I looked over to my right and I could see what looked like a HUGE beautiful Observation building of some kind. At the center was this tower that was used to observe the “heavens” and it was “rich”. The tower acted not only “neutral” or observing – it was also quite magnetic and it had attracted all manner of “heavenly” things. The densest part was right around the tower. It seemed to hold in place what it had “attracted”. The colour of the “objects” (looked like space ships) was red and the colour of the “space” was yellow. As my eye went up into the sky – it took my breath away as it was so awe-inspiring. There were space “ships” of every description and size filling the sky or the “heavens”. It was VERY beautiful and serene actually. It was peaceful. 

B) <This part of my dream reminded me of a dream I had many years ago (it must have been 40 years ago as I was in my 20s) where I walked outside my home/house at noon and the whole sky of Toronto was FILLED with every spaceship – from everywhere – for as far as the eye could see. They were every shape and size imaginable – and most, if not all, were pink and “electrical”. I just stood there enjoying the view knowing that something quite unprecedented and utterly beautiful had happened and was happening – and I got to witness it.>

[Maureen] Part Four: After I had gazed at the sky long enough we went into the house. The actress who plays Alicia (her name is Julianna in real life) and I went and walked around a bit. The house had tall walls with huge picture windows at the back – so we could still see the sky – albeit now it was “just” a rich midnight blue/black. I wanted to talk to her about what I had been able to see on the TV Set where I worked – so we found a window seat/ledge to sit on and we talked. I didn’t like the seat we “had to choose” as I felt that by sitting down the curtain on my side (to the left of me) blocked my view too much – but I could still see ½ to ¾ of the room and I could see Julianna/Alicia (she was both the character AND her real self – just like Will had been “both”) – so it was OK. She listened to me and I think she understood what I was saying …

but then I woke up and started to second guess what I thought was an “ability” in the dream. My first thought was to “make a little fun” of myself by saying “yes – everyone else saw what was real – you were the one “making shit up” – what’s the big deal?  I “gently” denigrated what had seemed like a “real” ability to me in my dream.

[Maureen] <end of dreams>

[Maureen] Michael any comments you may have on these dreams would be appreciated.  Here are a few questions I have.

[Maureen] 1) Part One: The very beginning of the dream about the women and the telephone.  Is this to do with Male/Female Balancing or Female Energy exploration and communication (re: telephone)?

[Maureen] 2) Part Two: The part of the dream on the TV Series Set.  What is the benefit of “seeing something as “real” when it isn’t? I would have said my real strength was just the opposite – that I can poke holes in the fantastical absurdities people can “make up” – BUT this wasn’t “surreal” fantasy – it felt just like “life”. It felt like I just added a richness and a “presentness” to an otherwise “wooden” experience. I was able to “fill-out” my life experience or life view into a 360° view. Where others just had a flat 2D view – I could see in 3D – and that felt very real to me – even though I knew (when they showed me) that it was “made up”. Note: This part of the dream felt reversed like – “the stage or set” was the reality and my “created reality” was “just made up”.

[Maureen] 3) Part Three: What was the significance of the white car leaving “my” house then morphing into a white limousine, then a white coach, and then finally pulling away?

The part of the dream with the Observation Tower and the spaceships. This is the part of the dream where it actually WAS surreal – with the space ships. NOW that would seem like fantasy – but it was quite “real” in the context of the dream.

A) What was the significance of seeing these spaceships in this current dream?

B) I have wondered for years …what were those beautiful pink, “electrical” spaceships I saw in a dream all those years ago and why were they gathered in the sky?

[Maureen] 4) The last part of the dream in “my” house, talking to an sympathetic Julianna/Alicia, brought us back to the second part of the dream where I was trying to understand what had happened and what was real and what was fantasy. Does this have to do with developing or trying to understand having a strong a 2% Neptune Body Type, and having a strong Natal Neptune, or is this something else?

[Maureen] Did this dream have anything to do with the Convergence NEXUS, from December 01 – 03, that “helps finalize those parallels “ending” from over the past few months”?

[Maureen] <end of questions on dreams>

[MEntity] In response to the first question: Yes, this is not only about the balance of Creative and Focused Energies, but even more about the roles of gender and the identities assigned to these. There is some self-karma being worked on about how to strike that balance between BEING a woman and "acting like" a woman, as in the assigned status. You know how to make it work, and you can find a way to make it fit, but you have had to learn to honor your own positions in this.

[MEntity] In response to the second question: It is true that you are far more inclined and designed to see through delusions and denial, but this dream was more an exploration of choice as a form of differentiation between delusion and denial vs the range of creativity and perception that can be a part of a person. This may have been a part of you helping you to see that it is not always harmful, but playful, to go with variations on reality. You were still well aware of, and accepting of, the differences between your creative angle and the static angle. Delusion and Denial is very different.

[MEntity] Sometimes it is helpful for you to remember the playful aspect of "reality."

[MEntity] In response to 3: This seems to have been a symbolic range of innocence, from the most subtle and practical to the most obvious and beneficial. The vehicles of innocence vary.

[MEntity] In response to A and B) - Maureen, we think those "space ships" are your other lives, drawn to "you," now, as part of their own healing, contributions, and reunion. There are many ways that the final level Old Souls, or late-level of any Soul Age, might symbolize the process of reunion, and this may be that for you. It is at once a means of implying that you are a kind of final Home, while at the same time, "welcoming" you onward toward Home.

[Maureen] No wonder it felt so very good. I felt content. Yes!

[MEntity] In response to 4: your concern over what is real and what is not in the dream is a carry over from your waking state of concern over what is real and what is not, especially in terms of how "obvious" things can be to you that are not obvious to others. You are doing the work of resolving that inner conflict and divide that sometimes feels as if it alienates you from others.

[MEntity] The Neptune may be a part of this, but we think it is more about your Goal.

[MEntity] Yes, this dream may very well have been about those Parallels. This elaborate dream appears to be all about the embrace of PARTS, however vast or small in the whole of who you are.

[MEntity] Even as you sleep, this is you doing Good Work in that regard.

[Maureen] Do you have any other comments about the dream -- or other?

[MEntity] Only that your highlights pointed out the most significant relevance, while the rest was playful context. Some parts of dreams are only for the sake of helping to emphasize other parts.

[Maureen] Many thanks Michael -- I did give Troy (and you) a lot to read today.

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Comment by Bobby on June 7, 2014 at 2:32am

It's interesting how 3 posts here today were about dreams :-)

Comment by ViP on June 7, 2014 at 12:14am

Wow, that is quite a dream (or four), Maureen! This was really nice:

[MEntity] In response to A and B) - Maureen, we think those "space ships" are your other lives, drawn to "you," now, as part of their own healing, contributions, and reunion. There are many ways that the final level Old Souls, or late-level of any Soul Age, might symbolize the process of reunion, and this may be that for you. It is at once a means of implying that you are a kind of final Home, while at the same time, "welcoming" you onward toward Home.

I can imagine how fulfilling that must have felt.

It's also good to know that Michael can read through that much and stay on track just fine - I've wondered sometimes whether I write overly long lead-ups to questions sometimes, but it seems they can more than handle it...

And thanks for reminding me about cloisonne, I haven't come across that in a long long time!







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