Oh my stars and gatters.

A friend of mine had extra tickets to a stage play of The Never Ending story today,
I was a big fan of the movie as a child for the adventurous imagination explosion it represented but today I was absolutely bawling my eyes out while witnessing this presentation...

I have no idea of the direct meaning or symbolism of this story, but flashes came to my mind throughout that hit me like a bag of rocks and bones to the face.

SPOILERS for anyone who has never heard this old story:

This was a story about learning to including your whole self.

Bastian the observer/the essence, Atreyu the personality, with the body ( ARTAX, the HOrse)

He begins his spiritual Journey when Atreyu is given Auron, a neclace , obviously representing Choice.
as it's stated clearly when he receives this beautiful neclace that to Reach the ChildLike Empress ( the union of all things )he must be certain of two things: to never under any circumstance use this power not in service of others, and look at every creature no matter how foul, how big or small as if they are absolutely necccessary , unique and not above or below another.
this theme is felt throughout the story, when encountering various " enemies" , one enemy in particular a Giant Spideress says something along the lines of "The Child Like Empress takes me AS I AM, regardless if i EAT YOU OR NOT"

the whole realm is being eaten by a force whose sole purpose is to drag people down , create hopelessness and fear . The Horse, falling ill to this gravitation pull; but atreyu , with the help of Choice, chooses to move on.

OH I could go on an ON in this lovenote to this play.
What really hit me, was a little creative note when Atreyu was finally challenged head on by the NOTHING...and the NOTHING tells atreyu he is but a make believe character in a story...and to prove this he challenges Atreyu to think of a name that has never been heard before...But he can't...he doesn't have that power on his own, he can not CREATE. Just as our personalities can not create anything NEW. At this moment he invites his higher self into the picture, blending higher and lower for the first time and together they  give Name to God.

To me this was a story of NEWNESS, VITALITY, ENTHUSIASM that we constantly need to deliver to the world in order for it not to become " a land of the dead"...and in doing so, the entire self must always be involved. You can not give NAME to god if you are just ranting theosophy or teachings from a past, You must leave room for Newness, you must be willing to SHED your personal prejudices and opinions in order to allow something vital and living to enter. Atreyu had to learn to completely put himself aside to allow Bastian, the creator, to create.

i'm done here with this blog for the evening.
I was just getting all worked up about the exciting potential of storytelling again.

it's been a good year since i've read or seen a book /movie/show that didn't feel more than just surface work to stimulate...so me bones be a rattling with a new love.

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Comment by TROY on December 19, 2013 at 8:23pm

I thought you might get a kick out of this...

Neverending Story Characters Reimagined As 2014 Movie


These are the characters from A Neverending Story reimagined by artist Nicolas Francoeur as ifthe movie were made in 2014 instead of 1984. Which is weird considering 2014 hasn't even begun yet. Maybe Nicolas would like to share his time machine with us. "I don't have one." Oh really? Then how do you explain *pulling blue tarp off pile of machinery* THIS! "It's a broken washer." I'll be the judge of that. *climbing in* Start me off on warm/warm delicate.

Keep going for the rest, including Rockbiter, who looks suspiciously like a Pacific Rim kaiju, and the Empress, who looks suspiciously like a character from my nightmares.








Thanks to lebeeps, who's so cheery even the Swamp of Sadness put on a smile.

Comment by Nadine on December 17, 2013 at 3:02am

I recommend all of Michael Ende's books! The Never Ending Story and Momo are two of my favourite books and I can read them over and over again without ever getting bored. If you haven't read Momo yet, you might want to give it a try :)

Comment by Royce Edwardsen on December 17, 2013 at 2:48am
though....on second thought...i DO NOT welcome a remake if it's on TREND to the current non stop GRITTY remakes of childhood wonders...

atreyu becoming a depressed mercenary with the mission to save the child like empress from a suicidal overdose after she aborts a werewolf from her womb. Falcor now a man eating vessel of DEATH...ALL ENDING in a CGI WAR WITH THOUSANDS OF computurized beheadings...

sometimes its OK not to be depressing, hollywood.
Comment by Royce Edwardsen on December 17, 2013 at 2:41am
haha i'd sort of welcome a remake actually. I rewatched the movie after seeing the play ( which very true to the book) and it didn't cover me in the same tears.

there was a deep esotericness in the wordplay that the movie shifted around to fit a more good vs. evil structure.

but the movie does have that song THAT HAUNTS YOUR DREAMS AND DAYS AND NIGHTS FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS...so there is that.
Comment by TROY on December 17, 2013 at 2:14am

One of my all-time favorite childhood (teenage) books. I was reading this book when the movie came out, and I hadn't finished the book just yet so I was worried I would have the rest of the story ruined. But adding to the magic of reading a book about a boy whose book was coming to life was the fact that the movie ended exactly where I was in the book! LOL I was convinced something magical might have been happening! The story continues long after the point where the (first and best) movie ends, so if you loved the movie, check out the book... 

And did you know... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1386664/

It's being rebooted.

Comment by ViP on December 16, 2013 at 9:38pm

Wow, Royce, I haven't seen this since I was about 10, but you make me want to see it again, with these ideas in mind! What did you think Falkor might have represented?







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