3 Years and Now My Profile Emerges...

First forward, thank you Claire for lending a hand for my profile, a gift from the heart. It was a long time coming, huh, sounds like I'm giving a speech while drunk on some cheap booze. Mr. T(Micky) and others too, who provided support, conscious or unconsciously.


I had a session with Michael today and wanted to get your Profile so that you can enjoy your Michael studies better.  It's way more interesting to read about Chief Features, Attitude, Goals and Internal Monads when you "know" your overleaves.

I know that you're still a student and have been putting this off, so I went ahead and had it channeled today.  It's very interesting.  I hope you'll something out of it.  :)  BTW, you'll get a kick out of our past as bros.  (I hope this all fits into this e-mail, as space is limited in this format). 

[ClaireC]  Hello, Michael.  I would like to start today by getting a Basic Profile for one of our TLE members, known to us as "Joe".  And, while you are searching the Akashic Records, could you tell me what, if any, past-lives our Essences have experienced together?

[MEntity]  So that we are clear:  are you speaking of the same "Joe" that Troy is aware of through his vlogging?

[ClaireC]  Yes.

[MEntity]  We understand.  The fragment in question would be the 5th Level Old, Sage-Cast Sage from Cadre 2, Entity 2, with 22 Focused to 78 Creative Energy Ratio and a Frequency of 85, in his 307th lifetime of the 10th Grand Cycle, whose Artisan Essence Twin acts as a primary guide and is from Cadre 2, Entity 3.  His Task Companions are a King and Scholar, both male and not known to him as of yet (as far as we can see).  This is an Intellectually-Centered, Emotional Part Pragmatist who slides to Idealism and Cynic, who is in Flow that slides to Growth and Re-evaluation, and who is in Observation that slides to Passion and Reserve in a Mercurial, Solar, and Martial Body Type, with Primary and Secondary Chief Features of Stubbornness that both slide to Arrogance and Self-deprecation.

As Troy is surprised that this is a Sage-Cast Sage, we will comment that this is a fragment brimming with a spectrum of philosophies and creativity that run deep, even if they are carefully and quietly brought to the surface through random outlets.

[ClaireC]  Yes, I have been reading his philosophical musings and poetry on his website.  Very deep.

[MEntity]  As this fragment moves through and out of his 4th Internal Monad, the ranges of expression and the comfort in that range would likely reflect more of that depth and richness.  Sage-Cast Sages can manifest in two extreme ways:  quite Scholarly and reclusive with deeper and richer depths of perspective, or as highly boisterous and entertaining performers of themselves who bring great levity to others' lives.  In truth, the Sage-Cast Sages will embody both of those extremes, but one will tend to dominate over the other.

You share a fairly significant past life with this fragment when you were siblings in Venice, Italy of the 11th Century CE as a great shift in perspectives and possibilities had come about after the release from the "dark ages".  This was a lifetime focused on "enjoying life" in the sense that the family was fairly secure in its material sustenance since it was part of the trade industry that began to boom.  This allowed for "you" to grow up in a world that was quite free from stress and demand.  Each of you were profoundly content with very little, "never" bored, and simply allowed life as it was.  No aspirations, no ambitions, no worries.  Each of you took up the trades of your family's tanning and cloth making.

[ClaireC]  Were we both boys?

[MEntity]  Yes, that is correct.  Each of you died as content grandparents, as well, fairly close together in timing, and felt this was "a great life".  Essence always feels that way, but these Personalities did, as well.

[ClaireC]  I just watched a television program I had recorded some time ago last night, and it is set in Venice!  I was filled with a sense of awe and yearning over the beauty of this city.

[MEntity]  It is not surprising that you felt the awe and draw in your watching the program involving this city.  The city might draw that out of anyone, of course, but your Essence and your Instinctive Center know that region well.  There are other lives shared of some significance, of course, 27 altogether, but this is a fairly "recent" one that may be relevant.

Have fun validating your Profile and please let me know if you resonate with the information.


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Comment by Geraldine B on June 16, 2014 at 11:27pm

Joe --

I know of several other Sage-casted Sages, but haven't gotten to know any all that well, other than my daughter, Suzie. However, she's still manifesting as Server-cast, along with her Traveling Companion, "surrogate" ETs for one another. When I first became interested in Michael and Troy channeled me as Sage-casted Sage (herein after ScS) I couldn't really validate it. In fact it's been a long process to validate it.

Since no one except my daughter knows me face-to-face, it's been interesting that I do appear Scholar to some and Warrior to others. But, my more rambunctious days go back to my youth -- I really was a back row clown, except I pulled As for the most part. Double Arrogance has really tempered how much I made a public spectacle out of myself.

In fact my mother was constantly telling me to shut up. That I was too loud, too much, tooooooo. . .she wanted a docile all in pink girl -- I wasn't. Part of my choosing the double CF was due to this -- she was constantly humiliating me as being "wrong."

But, as time has gone on, I've become naturally far more taciturn, in large part because so few understand me. I'm out of sync with the traditional cultural beliefs and its become more entrenched over time. This has caused me to have more alone time, and the advent of the internet has totally allowed me to immerse into my wide-ranging interests.

Sticking with Michael, asking questions, etc., has allowed me to focus on one of the "true" traits of being Sage -- seeking Truth. Unfortunately, one of the truths that emerges is that there are very few truths as no matter what you think you know, there is more that you don't.

I'm not sure there is a quintessential ScS "type." So much also depends on the full range of Overleaves, Energies, Frequency, and even Body Type. Add in experiences, and one can catch glimpses of commonality, especially in the humor and noisy aspects, but maturation calms a lot of that, too.


Comment by Maxim on June 13, 2014 at 10:45am

Nice to see you and Claire having a reunion of sorts and a jog to the memory.   

Comment by K M on June 13, 2014 at 2:27am

See now this Sage-cast Sage stuff is very interesting :)

 Sage-Cast Sages can manifest in two extreme ways:  quite Scholarly and reclusive with deeper and richer depths of perspective, or as highly boisterous and entertaining performers of themselves who bring great levity to others' lives. 

I may need to ask about my Scholar-cast Artisan makeup, and let's see another... I've been interested in the Priest-cast Warrior or Server-cast Warrior too.

Comment by Bobby on June 13, 2014 at 12:53am

Yay, Joe!   Glad to see you finally get this profile.  Have fun validating all the nuances of "you" :-)

Comment by ViP on June 13, 2014 at 12:31am

Ahh, very nice!! Hope you share your thoughts on the validity of the info as well... all those vlogs you've posted make it less surprising that you're not only Sage, but Sage-cast as well. Good info on sage-cast sages as well.

Do you feel any connection to Venice?

Comment by Joe on June 12, 2014 at 9:39pm

Don't thank me, it was Ms. or Mrs. C. who provided the support and now we are hanging out in this lifetime (again)! Very interestingly awesome. On another positive note, wouldn't have to wait another 3 or so years for the profile.

Diane: Felt at least intuitively a Sage, although the double sage was a surprise. The double stubbornness feature makes sense with great clarity. Solar Aquarians and Lunar Scorpions are by their personality stubborn, although those Taurus and Leos can be too (from personal experiences).

Comment by Anna D on June 12, 2014 at 8:52pm

this is so cool!! Wow another one trick wonder (casting and role the same).  You and Geraldine. Interesting. Interesting comment too about the range of Sage cast Sage appearing quite Scholarly or Rambunctiously (if that is a word). Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Diane HB on June 12, 2014 at 8:41pm

Cool! I would not have pegged you as Sage-cast Sage either. Let us know how you validate the profile.







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