All Relationships are Complementarily "Equal"

I am forever grateful to a man I lived with for a number of years.  Without that very intense relationship – and lots of deep, intense belief-based psychotherapy – I am convinced I would never have gotten past being stuck at the end of my 3rd Internal Monad.

I believe our greatest healing can only be found on the underside of our greatest grief.  When we loosen the grip of resistance – trying to hold on to old wounds, old grievances – we can finally allow our own healing to emerge.

I just got a clear mental picture of the phoenix rising from the ashes. I saw the bird passing through all the levels – from the densest to the lightest – on its rise to the top – to greater wholeness. I can see that True Healing will come about when all the bodies: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual have been addressed – when they are each brought to a new level of wholeness. …and when this new structure, this new integrity, is in place it will allow for the safe passage of the new “you”.

From a Private Session on February 16, 2012:

[Maureen]: XXX (a man I lived with from 1994 to 1999) helped me immensely to “finally” deal with my “mother” issues as I had to deal with these very same issues – of control – with him. I feel like there was an agreement with him and that it related to my own Self Karma. This may sound strange …but I feel that he “gave up” 5+ years of his life giving me “grief” which I used to my benefit – but he walked away with “nothing” to show for it. I gained a lot but he – not much. So for this act of “benevolence” I am most grateful.

[Maureen]: What do you see was going on here? What is his Role in Essence, Casting, Soul Age/Level, Cadre/Entity and whatever else might be significant in his Overleaves re: this discussion?

[MEntity]: First, no relationship leaves one without something, while the other benefits. This may appear to be true on the surface or in comparison, but it is simply not true. Even the most horrific and imbalanced of relationships of choice are inherently beneficial to all involved.

[MEntity]: As for Agreements, we would say you are correct. The explorations here were themed in Control, Nurturing, and Femininity Issues.

[MEntity]: And for the other party involved, we would say that the "benefit" was in terms of issues regarding Communication, Surrender, and Acceptance.

[MEntity]: One is always relating to an Equal. Always. There are no exceptions. If you are drawn together for any reason, in any way, you are Equals.

[MEntity]: And by "equals" we mean that both fragments involved are learning through the complementary process of Reveal, Amplification, Revelation, and Integration.

[MEntity]: Many stop at Reveal, or Amplification, of course.

[MEntity]: Issues get revealed, amplified, and then the revelations come, and then the integration (healing) is done.

[MEntity]: Potential gets revealed, amplified, with revelations unfolding, and then integration (ownership), as well.

[MEntity]: Often the dynamic is that one is revealing issues while the other is revealing potential, or put another way: one is revealing his or her wounds while the other draws from strengths in new way.

[MEntity]: This may be why you sensed the imbalance, but it was not; it was Equal in what each needed to reveal.

[MEntity]: The fragment in question appears to be an Old Server with Warrior Casting from Cadre 1, Entity 1; a Pragmatist in Observation with a Goal of Flow that slides to Acceptance and Discrimination.

[Maureen]: what level is he?

[MEntity]:  It appears he may be 6th Level.

[Maureen]: OK

[Maureen]: how many lives have we shared?

[MEntity]: If we have the correct fragment, we see a count of approximately 26 lives of significance and proximity.

[Maureen]: that feels "right"

[MEntity]: We realize that is not a count that can be validated externally at this point, but that you are sensing the validity internally is a good start.

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Comment by Maureen on March 7, 2012 at 3:47pm

Looking forward to it Troy!  Geraldine and I worked as a tag team on that one!  When she noticed it was new material - she suggested that it would make a good workshop.  Geraldine doesn't miss much!  :)

Comment by TROY on March 7, 2012 at 3:24pm

Thanks for pointing this out as a workshop idea! It's on for March now! YAY!

Comment by Maureen on March 2, 2012 at 7:33pm

I agree Geraldine -- that's a great idea!  I'll look for Troy's thread where he asked us for workshop suggestions and add it.

Comment by Geraldine B on March 2, 2012 at 6:57pm

Maureen -- This information isn't ringing any bells with me; therefore, I consider it to be "new." I'd definitely like to see it expanded, in particular, how the Reveal, Amplification, Revelation, and Integration play out in some of our more impacting relationships. There's more than meets the eye with any Michael terminology. This would make a good workshop.

Comment by Maxim on March 2, 2012 at 6:42pm

reveal, amplification, revelation, integration

I'll play with that.

Comment by C1E7#343susan on March 2, 2012 at 8:12am

awesome, this really rings some old bells, i am currently with someone i shared 33 lives with in this grand cycle

Comment by Astra Allen on March 2, 2012 at 7:03am
Wow. That's beautiful.







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