The Michael Teachings is a channeled system of self-understanding that encourages personal responsibility and a keen awareness of how your choices shape your life. It encourages you to see life from a higher perspective, while honoring the everyday challenges of being human. This teaching is just one map of many for finding or creating your way through your life, your relationships, and the universe.

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Brian replied to the discussion 'Let's recommend books to each other!'
"2 books I've re-read lots of times are Orwell's DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON and Vonnegut's BLUEBEARD.  "
1 hour ago
Matt posted a discussion

stoic attitude

Does anyone have info on the stoic attitude.  My son has been channeled as having this.  READ FULL POST...
1 hour ago
Kari replied to the discussion 'The Many'
"Yes Diane your response is great.  I am finding I notice the quality of things here to just be so much better than in other places (where previously I may have been quite pleased and enthralled...not not so much).    but as you say…"
1 hour ago
Diane HB replied to the discussion 'The Many'
"Troy, you taught me well. :)"
2 hours ago
Sarah replied to the discussion 'VALIDATING SAGE or ARTISAN ROLE'
"So that's what that is.  I thought I was just an undisciplined, flighty mess... My cycles of creativity are very sporadic.  Sometimes I'll make a whole bunch of art within a short period of time... and then do nothing for months…"
2 hours ago
Eric replied to the discussion 'Visualizing Resonance in Healing Sessions' in the group Healing Circle
"Both what you and Maureen have said are techniques my reiki master taught for distance. Visualization, using yourself as proxy, or even using something else as a proxy (like a stuffed animal or something). Basically, it's creating something to…"
3 hours ago
Diane HB replied to the discussion 'Visualizing Resonance in Healing Sessions' in the group Healing Circle
"Interesting ideas, thanks Maureen!"
4 hours ago
Diane HB commented on the blog post 'A King Without a Kingdom- my Essence Report'
"I reread this report - I thought I remembered something about Kings feeling ineffective, but hadn't been able to find it. I've actually been struggling with the sense of ineffectiveness more and more since I'm starting a new career…"
4 hours ago
TROY replied to the discussion 'The Many'
"Diane, that was an excellent response! It's great to see people who really do understand the nature of channeling. And, welcome to Kari!! I'm glad you found the site! I hope you find some interesting things of use around here."
4 hours ago
Maureen replied to the discussion 'Visualizing Resonance in Healing Sessions' in the group Healing Circle
"Diane, visualizing Troy's back and covering it with love and acceptance would work well. I did a couple of things that used my actual hands (I guess just because that's the way I like to work). I used my own body as the "proxy"…"
4 hours ago
Alycia replied to the discussion 'VALIDATING SAGE or ARTISAN ROLE'
"[I can relate to this ^^ My home is littered with many "corpses" but I plan on using my Artisan necromancy to reanimate many of them] @Hunter G:  That's too funny, and funny cause it's true!  I could happily bounce…"
5 hours ago
Diane HB added a discussion to the group Healing Circle

Visualizing Resonance in Healing Sessions

Here's a question for those of you who are trained healers.When practicing distance Reiki, I no longer resonate with the "sending and receiving energy" paradigm, but I don't know how to use the concept of resonance in this situation. When I sent…READ FULL POST...
5 hours ago


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