The Michael Teachings is a channeled system of self-understanding that encourages personal responsibility and a keen awareness of how your choices shape your life. It encourages you to see life from a higher perspective, while honoring the everyday challenges of being human. This teaching is just one map of many for finding or creating your way through your life, your relationships, and the universe.

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Recent Activity

Kurtis M commented on the blog post 'Shifting Soul Age in a Lifetime (Part 1)'
"During the 3rd Level, a great deal of introspection marks the passage through that level, with your internal life not quite matching your external life. Your internal life feels like its own universe being carried privately within a threatening…"
6 hours ago
Maxim replied to the discussion 'Reason for creation?'
"I've read Seth's description of the agony before and he is the only one I've heard with that idea.  It does not resonate with me that creation is born of agony particularly.  It might as well have been born of joy.  It…"
8 hours ago
Jean Hamill replied to the discussion 'Reason for creation?'
"Bobby : Thanks you for guiding us to this channeling, it is the one of the best explainations I have read on creation.  Many thanks to Diane and Tex.   Jeanxx "
11 hours ago
Colleen Prohaska commented on Colleen Prohaska's photo

Before the eclipse

"LOL. Thanks Maxim."
12 hours ago
Maxim commented on Colleen Prohaska's photo

Before the eclipse

"Heavenly.  Would I expect anything less from a priest??"
12 hours ago
Maxim commented on the blog post 'April 15th 2014- Essence Report'
"Ditto on this capturing my impression of you, Giedre. @ Diane.  Thanks for that note on the three exalted negative poles... forcing rather than allowing.  There are so many fucking patterns and sub-patterns in this stuff.  Though the…"
12 hours ago
Colleen Prohaska posted a photo

Before the eclipse

I had barely touched my camera for a year when I saw the night sky an hour before the eclipse. Inspired, I took a shot and had to remember how to transfer it to my computer. My eclipse pictures turned out to be just black sky since it's been so long…
12 hours ago
Mike Clev commented on Jennifer's photo


"Some truth is subjective, or personal, but some truth is universal. For instance the statement "the universe exists" is true for everybody. The point that quote in the picture is trying to make is that people often mistake their personal…"
12 hours ago
Maxim commented on Jennifer's photo


"I don't know how much you've familiarized yourself with the Michael Teachings, Jennifer.  What you say fits right in with what gets discussed here.  What the MT has done for me is give a language and various maps to explore this…"
13 hours ago
Maureen commented on the blog post 'April 15th 2014- Essence Report'
"This says it all... "
13 hours ago
Jennifer commented on Jennifer's photo


"Every living thing is in a perpetual state of evolution. I am constantly evolving even without always realizing it. It's as if I transform yearly. It's almost as if every year that passes finds me as a new person with different likes,…"
15 hours ago
Mike commented on the blog post 'April 15th 2014- Essence Report'
"Cool. Though we've never met this profile absoluetey nails my impression of you. Albeit an impression gained only through reading your words. I imagined you as being unchained & fearless. Kind of Uma Thrurman in 'Kill Bill'.…"
16 hours ago


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